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'Dreams' is an ongoing installation of dance films and photography based on our dreams. To recreate some of the peculiar, surreal, and unforgettable successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur in our minds during sleep. The world of dreams is intimately and intricately connected with our own, but is completely unpredictable. We enter this world every night and yet can never fully explain it. Just as in a dream, the viewer of this film will not necessarily understand the logic of what happens, but - we hope - will connect to it on a deeper level, something lying beneath the logic of the everyday.


This first series will be filmed in Belgium, Slovakia, and Australia.


Co-production/Artist in Residence:

Charleroi Danses (Belgium)

VormingsCentrum Destelheide (Belgium)

Stanica - Zilina - Zariecie, (Slovakia) 

This project was supported by:

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Two regular mortals decide to become superheroes. Unique characters are traped in the state of something that they are totally not. Physical grasps, fictive moments of the un-human powers. Heroic performance by regular mortals, whom sometimes have to bring out their secret weapons.

Castle in the Air

Castle in the Air is an attempt to show captured dreams on the stage. Stanislav Dobak and Jamie Lee do so on the basis of their dream diaries. In 2014, they make this a dance film and the cooperation of Passerelle comes as a stage version. Castle in the Air is a reflection of whether or not the subconscious can be put on stage.

Much more than nothing


The performance originated as a result of cooperation between ME-SA Company, a performers duo Peter Šavel and Stanislav Dobák and Alta Studio. The piece is defined by a “work in progress” process which changes each performance according to the situation and place and space of production. The carefully composed form of an improvisation is based on the idea of a sitcom. The authors ask in a funny and yet sensitive way questions such as: How does something that was evidently created artificially become real? Will I believe it, even if I know it is being created right in front of my eyes? Moreover, where is the border between overly emotional pathos a genuine emotion? And how do we react to this feeling?

The performance resulted from a residency organized by Alta Studio and it was supported by a foundation for living art Nadace život umělce.


(…) Placing these particular six performers in the one scene has proved to be a perfect choice. Each and every one of them has a distinctively original personality; however, they are able to sensitively react to each other at the same time.(…) The performance is compact even though it lacks a concrete plot line. It is full of action and transformation. The main principles are a play and coincidence. The viewer sometimes doesn’t know which performer to follow, nevertheless, the performance as a whole gives an impression of coherence. But mainly, it was a great fun to watch. The choreographer duo Peter Šavel and Stano Dobák has brought a new fresh wind into the Czech scene: a modern way of creating a performance, great dancing, humor and irony. (Petra Dotlačilová, Taneční aktuality)(…) In Much more than nothing, the main focus was placed on the performers. Tereza Ondrová, Andrea Opavská, Lucia Kašiarová, Martina Lacová, Karolína Hejnová, Peter Šavel and Jaro Viňarský are performers who can grandly be labeled as All Stars best selection of the Czech and Slovak dance scene. Their piece was characterized also by a sense for self-irony and a play with irony in general. (…) (Miroslav Zwiefelhofer, KioSk)​​

Much to much

After a successful debut „One for you, two for me“, which is on the list of Aerowaves 2011, two ex-classmates from prestigious school P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels are back on stage again. This time the tandem created a long list of ideas with common theme: When does “much” turn into “too much”? How does “too much” become “just the right amount”? At which point does pathos turn into a real emotion and vice versa? How can the artificial become the real again? These floating, strong audio-visual and physical images are being performed in sequences, building a fragmented dream like logic. The world which the two young performers manifest by their physical presence and honesty may seem mad and playful at first sight yet there is certainly more to it than superficiality. Definitely an entertaining and sensitive performance, full of emotions and references to everyday joys and troubles as much as to the professional field.


Constant evolution.

In "Human wrongs, human rights" we transcribe the basic thoughts into a physical language. Talking about the freedom of an individual as well as a group being trapped in a specific system.It seems these days in our society, that layers of humanity are only visible if you look close. Otherwise you get easily stuck in simply observing the system. Having to do, to fit in, to keep up. Where do we loose the perspective of an individual in structures?

Human rights, human wrongs

One for you, two for me

This piece was created for the HybajHo festival in Prague and premiered there in october 2009.

The starting point was the question: „How can the two of us, knowing each other so well, challenge each others performance?“ During the proces the relationship to the public was added as the third partner of the performance. The piece is focusing on a shift between materials and attention to them and to these three „partners“, through which images and connotations are created and so one is invited to undergo a journey of imagination.

How can we interconnect our ideas? Where is the border between agreement and disagreement? We try to translate our questions into the physical level, which is the main focus of our creative work. A constant shift between“Personal things are personal, so don’t ask us anything personal, because we don’t take it personal.”

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