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Steadicam operator holding a steadicam

My extensive professional dance background provides me with a unique insight into composition, camera movement, spatial awareness and the artistic aspects of cinematography.  Additionally, it has equipped me with physical endurance enabling me to handle heavy cinema camera builds while operating Steadicam, handheld setups, or gimbals.

With my background in dance, my dance technique is embodied in order to infuse my camera movements with fluidity and connectivity to the motion of the subject(s) and scene. By merging my understanding of movement, rhythm, spatial awareness, and storytelling, I aim to create visually captivating sequences that elevate the cinematic experience. With the sense of body control and creative eye, I navigate sets with ease, ensuring steady and stable camera movements that add an artistic touch to your projects. I apply a dancer's sensibility to the world of Steadicam operation, capturing moments with precision and artistry.

Currently operating a Tiffen CP 3A sled with BETZ WAVE 1 on CP 3A arm and Sachtler vest.

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