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Current performances

Drumming - Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Drumming (1998) is undoubtedly one of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s most fascinating choreographic works: a dazzling dance set to a powerful score for percussion by the American minimalist Steve Reich.


Performing: March-May 2015

Islands - Salva Sanchis


Islands is a project of Salva Sanchis that runs continuously through the years 2014 and 2015. It consists of a collection of small dance pieces that will be presented both individually and in different combinations. There are solos, duets and trios ranging from 1 to 12 minutes long each. Each piece has its own separate identity, and together they form a diverse but specific movement and choreographic landscape.


Islands #2

Salva Sanchis and Stanislav Dobak

For this second episode of the “Islands” series, Salva Sanchis invites dancer Stanislav Dobak to perform a 5 minute duet. The dance is built around the musical concept of “time signature”. By dividing equal measures of time in different ways, the two dancers establish a visible connection that is nonetheless open in its shape. This work follows a thread initiated in “Islands#1” where it is the rhythm rather than the form that makes the image readable.


Islands #5 - Salva Sanchis, Peter Savel and Stanislav Dobak 


Islands #6 - Peter Savel, Stanislav Dobak, Jason Respilieux, Inga Hakonadottir and Salva Sanchis 



Soleils - Pierre Droulers

Bringing together dancers, energy thieves and birds. From the quickest to the slowest, attached to strange rituals and secrets. Solitary, a multitude, they form one body then head in different directions. Perpetually moving, they illuminate the world with their gleams and lanterns. Where does this light come from? Where does it go ? Lightning speed, dwindling, transparency, the bodies move around and allow their movements to be seen. In this surge of rhythms, glares and sounds, there is a flat shadow: the memory of an extinguished world, of a threat. One of always latent death in life, ongoing tension, like a bridge suspended between day and night.

Premiere 9,10,11,12.5.2013 in Brussels, Belgium

The phantom layer - Salva Sanchis


Whatever we do, wherever we go, we leave traces. But other people have left traces before us, and now these traces precede us. We are inscribed in space, our humanity is shaped into buildings, roads, furniture, vessels. And as our technological compulsion drives us to unimagined territories, we are even inscribed in nature. Our history, our possibilities, they are all materialized and lie in front of us, all around us. The question is not “what can we create?”, but “what can we change?”. The question is not “who am I?”, but “how am I different?” and “what can I do?”.
The Phantom Layer is a piece about limited possibilities and unlimited outcomes. It is about the story we write in order to make sense of what hasn’t happened yet. It is about eternal repetition and about freedom. It is about the dance we all dance, and which makes us unique.

Premiere October 2013 in Leuven, Belgium

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