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Since I finished my official contemporary dance education, I quickly realised  the importance of continuing my self development. Since our bodies are in a constant educational/evolutional process I realised that I have different needs and desires for dance practice every time I enter a dance studio. Therefore I've been developing my own practice that I like to do myself and share with other dancers, amateurs or professionals.



Past years I've been focusing on developing a full physical body experience in my teaching.



Simply meaning I love to dance and I have a pleasure passing on this joy to other people in the most physical way I can.

My practice evolves and changes based on my experiences and inspirations in dance scene around me. I listen to what my body needs, what findings are interesting to share with the dancers in the space with me. 

Currently in my teaching I'm fuzing experience I gathered while working with choreographers such as David Zambrano, Salva Sanchis, David Hernandez and Wim Vandekeybus.Together with my own style of movement material and exercises I guide the group through a wave of physical experience.


Photo: Peter Verschuere

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